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Get to Know Me

When I was three years old, I sat beside my great-grandma, opened a book and read her the story word for word. She couldn’t believe I was reading at such a young age! The truth was I had heard the story so many times that I could recite it from memory!

That childhood memory is one of many that include books. I’ve now graduated from reading on the school bus every day to carrying a spare book in my car, but the point is – you won’t find me far away from words. This blog is simply an extension of my passion.

After earning a Christian Education degree from Lancaster Bible College, I taught children, teens and women. In addition to writing Bible studies and life skill curriculum, I worked as a private tutor, taught Sunday School and tutored English as a Second Language.

Once our children were born, my husband and I decided to homeschool. We had already planned for me to be a stay-at-home mom, and it made sense to teach our children at home where I could give them a personalized education that recognized their unique talents, abilities and interests.

For eight years, we enjoyed many eventful, adventurous and interesting teaching moments as I nurtured my students at home. Today, both of my children attend public school. Yet, we continue to learn and grow together at home, especially as we cope with my son’s autism diagnosis, laugh at silly jokes, address mental health challenges, bake cookies and work on growing our relationships with Jesus and each other.

I also currently work as a freelance web content writer. It’s my pleasure to write blog posts, web pages, product descriptions, speeches and other content for a variety of clients.

In my free time, I devour as much coffee as possible. I also enjoy journaling, reading mystery novels and non-fiction memoirs (friend me on Goodreads), playing guitar (a college graduation gift), painting my nails (bright pink’s my favorite polish color!) and spending time with friends (usually over a piece of cake and coffee).

Thank you for choosing to hang out with me today! Let’s learn together!

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    Hi, thanks so much for following my site (diary of a jaded heart). I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved it to a new site in case you would like to continue following –

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