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Creative Book Displays

My books sit on a boring bookcase. There’s nothing special about this display!

my bookshelf

My bookshelf

I think it’s time for an upgrade.

From this list, I’d choose the chair bookcase.

creative book display

What a neat idea for a book display! Photo courtesy Instructables.

Which creative book display would you choose?

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Has Your Router Been Hacked?

A few years ago, a Facebook friend started sharing posts by Kim Komando. She’s a tech guru with tips on how to do everything from how to choose a new phone to how to secure your online accounts. I became a fan and have used dozens of her tips over the year. Today, I found a new one that I want to share with you.

Use this tip to test your router and find out if it has been hacked. It only takes a few seconds, and if there are any problems with your router, you’ll receive clear steps on how to fix it.

Happy surfing!  TPLINKrouter

Good to do: Test your router to see if it’s been hacked – Here's how

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