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What’s on Your Reading List?

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I spent the majority of my childhood with my nose buried in a book. My bus ride was always 30-45 minutes long, and I read almost the whole time. Plus, I often read at home. I remember an uncle teasing me for sitting in the corner with my nose in a book instead of socializing at a family gathering, and one night I dared to stay awake all night to read a mystery! I still fondly recall the hours I spent as a child with the horses of Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family, Jim Kjelgaard and his dogs and Janette Oke’s courageous, strong and resilient pioneers.

It’s no surprise that one of my favorite things to do is visit the library. Every summer, I pick a shelf and grab all the books that look interesting. While my kids swim, when i need a break from my web content writing job or before bed, I read my way through the pile.

Another way I pick books is by selecting interesting titles from my handwritten list. Whenever friends and family members would recommend a good book, I’d write it on my list.  I also saved newspaper clippings that listed interesting books.When I needed a book to read, I’d log onto the library’s website, search the catalog and request the book. It would be waiting for me in a day or two, and I could stop by and feed my inner book lover.

My book search joined the technology age when I discovered Goodreads. It makes adding books to my “to read” list easy. I simply enter the title in the search bar and click “Want to Read.” When I’m ready to order books from the library, I browse my Goodreads list and pick something that sounds good. After I read the book, I can mark it as “Read” and even leave a rating – how fun is that?

Today, I found even more books to add to my list! Daphne Gray-Grant compiles a list twice a year of books she recommends. Check out her summer post on her blog.

I know some of the books on her list are going on my summer reading list. What’s on your reading list this summer? Post your recommendations in the comments or friend me on Goodreads.

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Summer Literacy Ideas


Summer has officially started in my house. That means we get to sleep in, go to the pool and start reading. Every year, our local library hosts a summer reading program, and the kids earn rewards for reading.This year, they can earn an ice cream cone, comic book, admission to the local ice skating rink and bowling.

While my daughter eagerly embraces the challenge, my son is not so enthusiastic. He does not enjoy opening a book and discovering its treasures.

I found this list of alternative reading options for him at

*Closed captioning
*Cereal boxes
*Seed packets

What else would you recommend?

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