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February 5 – Let’s Talk About It!



When I was a child, I hated group events, including family get togethers. They made me feel anxious, nervous and stressed. To escape, I sat in the corner with a book and read.

Unfortunately, other kids and even adults criticized my preference. I was teased and ridiculed, and I felt ashamed of my anxiety.

I carry that shame into adulthood. Whenever I feel a need to escape stress, anxiety or other uncomfortable emotions, I turn to a book, but I worry about what others will think of me.

For too long, I’ve hidden my anxiety. Today, I express the truth and acknowledge reality.

If I could tell my childhood self anything, I’d say:

Read your book!

Enjoy your hobby!

Learn something new!

Expand your vocabulary!

Solve mysteries!

Explore other cultures and lands!

Relax on your sofa, bed, backyard or bus!

Be you!

What about you? Are you hiding a mental health illness or challenge? Take five minutes today to be #StrongerThanStigma. Share your truth, know you’re not alone, get help, #BC2M and celebrate you today!

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