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Mom and CA: Child Advocate

My son participated in an IEP evaluation today. A freelance school psychologist (we’re in a cyber charter school so they outsource therapy and evaluations) gave him a grueling educational battery–and plenty of breaks–that lasted four hours. He saw the good and the bad sides of my child, the sides I see every day.

After the evaluation, it was my turn to provide a family history and answer questions. The first thing the psychologist said when I sat down to talk with him was, “Your son is very smart, but you need help.”

Finally, we’re moving forward!

I’ve been trying to get help for over a year.

We started three years ago with an early intervention evaluation for speech therapy. Our school gave us speech therapy services that have helped my son speak clearly. Our speech therapist this year is amazing with so many good ideas and a supportive and listening ear (we love her!).

Last year, I pursued behavioral help, and our school sent us to the Occupational Therapist. That evaluation indicated my son’s need for emotional assistance.

The school said emotional issues don’t interfere with schoolwork (they obviously haven’t seen him throw a fit when he doesn’t immediately succeed at reading, drawing or sports). They did give us 30 minutes of occupational therapy, though, with instructions to work on handwriting.

Our OT said she can’t help him write if he throws a fit whenever he picks up a pencil, so she’s working on emotional issues and resilience with him (we love her!).

This spring, we’re due for a full evaluation of his IEP. The educational battery eval is checked off. Now, we need a psychiatric eval.

I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m stressed.

But I’m my child’s advocate.

He needs me to persevere, fight, de-stress, calm down, rest.

He needs me to be his mom and his CA, and I’m ready for the challenge.





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