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A Fun Travel Game for Kids

on November 7, 2012

We try to limit car rides since we’re saving money like most families and share the car with my husband. But when we do travel to doctor appointments or on errands, our trips require plenty of planning. My energetic son doesn’t travel well so I always need a healthy supply of snacks and plenty of water. He also enjoys playing with his favorite matchbox cars and listening to Junie B. Jones books on CD when I’m able to borrow them from the library.

Recently, we discovered another game that we all enjoy. Hangman gives my daughter a chance to play school, and my son enjoys trying to guess the letters. On my to-do list, I planned to make a laminated game so we can track the letters we choose and save paper.

Today, I found a Melissa and Doug version that erases this item from my to-do list. It looks sturdy and should work great for us. I can easily store it in the car without losing any pieces. Online reviews suggest the marker wears out quickly, but we have extra dry erase markers at home.

With this game, our car rides should be calmer and more enjoyable wherever and whenever we travel.


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