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Thoughts on Sports for Boys

on July 29, 2012

An Olympic fan, I eagerly anticipate the games every two years and sit glued to the TV.  This year is no exception, and I’m hearing amazing stories of athletes and their families. 

Two male athletes give me hope for my energetic, challenging son.

At age 9, Kieran Behan started gymnastics to use up excess energy.  He is now only the second male gymnast from Ireland to compete in the Olympics. 

Michael Phelps started swimming at age 7.  His mother sent him to the pool with his older sisters because he was energetic and rambunctious. He competes this week to become the winningest Olympian of all time.

So many parents start their kids in sports at a young age.  The consensus almost insists that kids must start young in order to succeed in their sport.  These two young men disprove that theory.  Yes, 7 and 9 is young, but it’s not 3 and 4.

My son took gymnastics two years ago and loved it.  He grew tired of it after 18 months, though, so we stopped.  He’d like to start up again, and his occupational therapist insists that he would benefit from a sport where he’s active and moving.  I’m seriously considering re-enrolling him.  Sure, it’s a time and financial commitment, but the benefits are worth the sacrifices.

Just ask our Olympians.

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