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Do students need a desk?

on July 22, 2012

My husband is home this weekend, a rare treat.  However, he’s also playing Wii with the kids.  They saved their coins, we searched for a secondhand console and games, and we finally found one this week.  As a result of the fun and games, I’ve had to give up my favorite working chair that sits in the middle of the gaming action.

At a chair at the table, I attempted to meet several deadlines.  Somehow, the dining room chair and table just didn’t seem right.  I found myself struggling to concentrate and mentally write what otherwise would have been easy assignments.    

This involuntary move started me thinking about the upcoming school year.  Would my son be able to better concentrate if we established a regular spot designated solely for school work?

Nearly every professional agrees that a routine helps them concentrate and prepares their mind for work.  Why is school any different? 

I know I perform better when I sit in my favorite writing chair.  In the next few weeks as we prepare to head back to school, I plan to find a designated spot for my son.  At his desk, he can complete worksheets, listen to lessons and hopefully find the concentration he needs in order to succeed.  



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