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Journalism is like Parenting

on July 3, 2012

I especially enjoyed this post because I’m up way too early writing…so I can spend time with my little guy — away from work– today.

Plus, it made me smile.  Enjoy!   🙂


Topical Teaching

Liz Kovak has written a very amusing piece which compares parenting with the newsroom:

1. You’re living in a 24-hour cycle.
The news never stops, and neither does parenting. Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Breaking news! Flash pee flood causes two-hour laundry pileup. This just in! A new tooth erupted on the Southern Gum Coast at 3 a.m. Details at 11 — kids on bedtime strike stall negotiations until opposing forces are given chocolate pudding and an American Girl doll. And just think about it — Wolf Blitzer doesn’t live in his “Situation Room” 24 hours a day, but you sure do.

2. Sometimes, you have to throw away the script and wing it.
Every parent knows the best-laid parenting plans are just like that generic footage of pills being spilled out on a formica counter that every local newscast uses for medical reports: out of date…

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