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5 step stranger-danger protection

on June 27, 2012

With many kids visiting large amusement parks, enjoying summer free time or just walking to the neighborhood pool, this post comes in handy. I especially like the positive spin the author employs. Thanks Joy on a Shoestring for allowing me to reblog this post.

Joy on a Shoestring

As a paranoid parent I spend a lot of my time warning my children about potential dangers. The rest of the time is spent clamping them firmly to my sides! Today I found this useful 5-step check list on Simple and useful, I like it.

  • Instead of: Don’t talk to strangers
    Say: Check with me or your dad or your babysitter before talking to another grown-up.

  • Instead of: If you get lost in a store, ask a trusted adult to help you find me
    Say: If you get lost in a store, stay in the building and find someone with a name tag to help you.
  • Instead of: Don’t take candy from a stranger
    Say: Don’t take anything from anyone except your parents, babysitter, teacher, or friend’s mom or dad on a playdate.
  • Instead of: Don’t leave my sight
    Say: Don’t go where you can’t see me.
  • Instead of:

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