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Adjusting to the thought of Public School

on June 24, 2012

This next year, my daughter has decided to attend public school.  I have nothing against public school.  After all, I attended one for four years of high school and survived.  Like any environment, some kids were bullies and others were dolls while some teachers were competent and others should have been fired years ago.  I decided to homeschool because I want to give my children a customized, flexible education that prepares them for their future, not because our local school offers a poor education. 

While I’m mostly okay with her decision, I pause and tear up every once in a while.  I’ll miss her company, and I’ll miss learning along with her.  Plus, I know she’ll be under someone else’s care (both teachers and friends) for more hours than she’s under my care.  It’s the letting go that I’m not enjoying.   

Her daddy’s concerned that she’ll be bullied.  Realistically, that happens everywhere.  In my Christian elementary school, the kids were as cruel as any kids (or adults, for that matter) I’ve known since those long-ago years.  As parents, we want to protect our kids but of course can’t always be by their side.

This leaves me with prayer.  When I can’t be by her side, God knows, sees, cares and loves.  This is an opportunity for both her and I to trust Him.  I trust Him to give our family the guidance we need to navigate public school in a few short months.


2 responses to “Adjusting to the thought of Public School

  1. 🙂 You also have the option of always pulling her back out if it doesn’t work well. 🙂 It looks like you have a great attitude about it. 🙂

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