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A Great Escape

on June 8, 2012

I’ve seen many posts this week from moms who welcome their children home from school.  They either anticipate or dread the next few months of  unlimited time together, and they’re trying to find creative activities that prevent boredom and prevent their children from the infamous summer brain drain.

For all my friends who welcome children home from school this week, happy summer! 

For those of us who homeschool, the summer routine is barely different from the regular school year routine.  At least in my house, we spend so much time learning as we’re living that summer just gives us different activities in warm weather.  

Today, I learned an important lesson in planning time together:  A Great Escape. 

My children need a space where they can escape each other, me and the television.  My son chooses his hideout behind the sofa where he can play with his stuffed friends or Flick Trixs.  My daughter retreats to her bedroom where she reads, writes or plays Barbies.  

I need a space to escape the noise, the arguments and the activity.  My bedroom, behind closed doors, provides a quiet oasis where I can cry, scream, journal or rest my eyes for a minute (or two).   

We all need a personal space where we can retreat when summer days grow too long, nerves fray or activities leave us cranky.  

While one reason I homeschool is so I can enjoy learning with my children, I appreciate and value the time we spend apart.  That being said, I’d love to hear your creative ideas for making sure everyone in your home has a place where they can make A Great Escape.


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