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I Want to Break Something

on June 2, 2012

No, I’m not angry enough to actually throw something or smash my fist into the wall.  My preferred MO when I’m angry is to give the silent treatment to the object/person who’s the subject of my anger or I stomp around as I clean the house like a madwoman.  (That’s tough to admit, but we all get angry sometimes.)

The break I need today has to do with school subjects that are a bit tougher for my children.  For my daughter, it’s reading long chapter books loaded with words in small print or completing pages of math problems.  My son balks at reading nonsense words or long sentences as he practices Phonics.  I could push them to finish in one sitting, but why fight?  Instead, letting them take breaks means we all accomplish what needs to get done.

I see them enjoy school as they work is small doses with plenty of play breaks or chances to ride the tire swing, do jumping jacks or dance.  They accomplish the task and enjoy it while learning how to read.

There’s no reason to fight with kids to make them do stuff that’s challenging.  While the work needs to be done, it can be fun, entertaining and filled with breaks instead of misery and gloom.  Small chunks make the work go faster and increases productivity and enjoyment. 

With that wisdom in mind, I’m off to break something.  In fact, I think it’s time to take a break and make cookies!  That’s one task we all agree tastes great in one big bite or several small pieces.  🙂


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