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When Laughing is More Important than School Work

on May 23, 2012

Some days, we just can’t seem to get motivated to finish math worksheets or read literature. 

My children might wake up and decide to play superheroes, race Matchbox cars or paint together.  The latest distraction is the tire swing my son’s occupational therapist assures me will help him burn off excess energy.  Since hubby installed it, my Sonshine has been able to focus more, especially since he knows he gets breaks during his challenging phonics classes.  

I usually don’t worry too much about the kids’ spontaneous play time because we are caught up with school work and have only a few more lessons to complete before summer.  However, some days its easy to wonder if we’re doing enough.

On these days, I remember why I teach my children at home.  We are building relationships, learning how to relate to each other, learning to love our neighbors, completing state requirements, completing house and yard work and having fun together.

My children are affectionate, and they love to laugh.  As much as possible,  I want to laugh with them while they still want to and are able to spend time with me. 

We are not “doing school” at home.  We have a flexible schedule, time to pursue their interests and a variety of  entrepreneurial activities.  In my mind, these activities are as important as learning how to read, write and perform complicated math in their heads.

And quite honestly, we have lots more joy, fun and laughter when we are relaxed and when my students at home have some freedom in deciding our daily schedule.


2 responses to “When Laughing is More Important than School Work

  1. GodGirl says:

    It sounds wonderful. What a great commitment you have made to making life fun, spontaneous and enriching for your family. God bless,

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