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Wisdom from a Stroke Victim

on April 19, 2012

The other week, I wrote an article about The Brain Extravaganza in Indiana.  Organized by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the summer-long event is designed to draw attention to the brain’s functions and beauty.  Curious to know more about the neuroanatomist who felt herself suffer a stroke, I borrowed her book from the library.  A Stroke of Insight touched me intellectually, emotionally, professionally and personally.

Of particular interest to me as a teacher was her list at the end of the book.  She lists 40 things she needed the most as she relearned how to read, walk and talk.  As I read, I thought about my precious students at home and how many of the items on Dr. Bolte Taylor’s stroke recovery list apply to my children.  I will share my favorites here.  

4.  Be as patient with me the 20th time you each me something as you were the first.

6.  Be aware of what your body language and facial expressions are communicating to me. 

9.  Touch me appropriately and connect with me.

16.  Trust me that I am trying–just not with your skill level or on your schedule.

22.  Cheer me on.

28. Celebrate all my little successes.

37.  Love me for who I am today.

As I parent and teach my children today, I will remember these tips.  If my children could express their feelings and needs, I think these phrases are what they would request.   I’m sure Dr. Bolte Taylor did not write them with home schoolers in mind, but I am grateful for her stroke of insight.


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  1. Hello! In the spirit of community, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You may accept or not, but I appreciate your blog. Thanks!

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