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Momma Blew It

on April 4, 2012

Consolidating errands makes me happy.  Whenever possible, I try to visit the bank, library and grocery store in one trip instead of driving into town every day.  Granted, we only live 10 minutes from “town”, but I hate the thought of wasting gas or time, and because everything is right there, it makes sense to do it all in one day.  This strategy also helps us get more schoolwork done and save money because we’re not driving around everyday.

Yesterday, I planned to take my son to his first Occupational Therapy session, visit the Mall where I scheduled my children’s annual photo, drop books off at the library, pick up milk…the list kept getting longer and longer.  My children excitedly took their baths, picked out fancy clothes and even submitted to a nail and ear cleaning in anticipation of picture day.  

I piled our library bag, water bottles, snacks and other necessities near the door, and I hung  their clothes nearby.  Before we walked to the car, I asked my children to grab a few items and I brought the last bags to the car.  Thirty minutes later as we walked into the therapy appointment, I said, “Oh crap.  I forgot your clothes!”  My daughter said, “Mom, you said a swear word, but that’s okay because I do too sometimes when I’m mad.”  My son replied, “Mom, you blew it.”

The first time he said it, I laughed.  I’ve never heard him talk like that, and I don’t usually say that to anyone.  I’m more gracious and don’t usually verbally point out when someone makes a mistake.  My son is more aggressive verbally, and after the fifth time of telling me I blew it, I asked him to forgive me and forget it.  I assured him that this would not be the last time I mess up something that is important to him.

We rescheduled the picture for next week after his therapy, and I assigned my son to be in charge on ensuring the clothes get into the car this time.  It’s hard being the one who has to remember everything.  

–Pay bills on time (I write the amount due on a calendar that I keep in a folder with the bills, stamps, pen and envelopes.  Every week, I check the calendar and pay the bills that are due that week…at least I pay the ones I remembered to write down.)   

–Rotate meals.  (My family eats pretty much everything I make, but they like a variety of meat, potato and vegetables.)

–Make sure everyone brushes teeth, combs hair, finishes chores and changes their underwear every day.  (We post a chart, but I still have to enforce it.)

I’m not complaining about my job.  I’m just saying it takes a lot of remembering.  I better start doing the newspaper’s daily crossword puzzle or Sudoku to exercise my brain more or I’m going to hear a lot more of “Mom, you blew it.”   



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