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Sometimes You Have To Say Yes

on March 31, 2012

I talked yesterday about the importance of saying no.  But isn’t it important to sometimes say yes?

Yes to marrying one man and remaining faithful to him.  Yes to housecleaning and creating a clean, organized and welcoming space for your family.  Yes to serving your family a nutritious dinner and making them eat veggies and fruit.  Yes to playing Legos and tea party with your children, with lots of laughing. 

As much as possible, I want to say yes. Yes to life, love and the pursuit of happiness, right? 

I have to think today about balance or moderation. 

Sometimes, my students at home need to hear yes.  Yes, we can eat lunch before you finish math.  Yes, you can hold the kitten instead of reading.  Yes, you can ride your bike before we practice sight words.  Yes, you can help me mix cookie dough.  Yes, we can have chicken legs for dinner.

Sometimes, my students at home need to hear no with a positive thrown in along the way.  No, we can’t skip school today (but if you work hard this morning, we can be finished before lunch).  No, you can’t leave your toys all over the floor (but I can help you clean them up).  No, you can’t hit your sister (but we can play Twister or run around the house if you are feeling energetic).

I want to be a “Yes” mom while balancing the times I need to say “No”.  I don’t want to stifle my children’s natural curiosity, talents or desires by constantly saying no.  Let’s face it, sometimes the most loving word is “no”, but as much as possible, I want to say yes.


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