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My Baby’s Sick

on March 22, 2012

What a day.  My little guy had a tummy ache yesterday, and he was still not feeling well today.  He cooperated with his hour of speech therapy and attended his online phonics class, but his tummy was rumbling and grumbling all day.  In the past, he has been so sick that even simply sitting up is impossible, let alone attending class.

I hate seeing him suffer.  We’ve been dealing with tummy issues for over three years, and I can’t find the solution.  Our primary care physician sent us to a gastroenterologist who couldn’t find anything conclusive.  It’s not an allergy to dairy or wheat.  It’s not necessarily a food sensitivity either, although we don’t know for sure.  It could be stress or lack of sleep or nearly any other cause.  So we’re back to questioning the cause and working on a solution.

Many families choose to homeschool because of health problems.  Food allergies, numerous doctor’s visits, compromised immune systems and other medical issues cause some students to miss days of school at a time.  Becoming students at home allows these students to receive a quality education and stay safe.  In cases, traditional brick and mortar schools can be death traps for ill or allergic children. 

I am an advocate for parents to educate their children as they see fit.  Whether they choose traditional options or unschooling, each family holds the responsibility to educate their children.  Because of our unique situation, I am grateful for our online school.  On days my son feels too ill to do school, we can relax and focus on getting him better.  That’s a good school day, in my opinion.


3 responses to “My Baby’s Sick

  1. nicnac22 says:

    Have you investigated coeliac disease? An intolerance to gluten- a protein found in wheat, barley rye, oats and any of their derivitives. This can cause any number of symptoms, especially a sore and rumbling tummy. If he was allergic to gluten, it would be as simple as removing these things from his diet. A blood test can screen for it, but an endoscopy is the only way to truly diagnose it. Worth investigating!

    May you find a resolution quickly!

    • Thank you for the suggestion! The medical professionals we have seen don’t seem to think gluten is a source of the discomfort because he doesn’t feel ill every time he eats gluten products. I think a food log may be the next step. If we keep an accurate log of what he eats, maybe we can find the culprit.

      Thank you for your suggestion!

      • nicnac22 says:

        Good luck with a diagnosis! I will just add, my symptoms were never consistant before I was diagnosed. And I continued to eat gluten containing things for a while after diagnosis with little affect. Now however, a minute amount would make me very ill. My childhood doctor knew nothing about coeliac disease, so I was never diagnosed until adulthood, when another doctor suspected it straight away, and sent me for the relevant tests.

        May you find a solution quickly, and your child enjoy good health!

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