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Balancing Two Homeschooling Children

on March 14, 2012

For my friends with more than two children, you will probably laugh at this post.  For my friends with no children, you probably will not get it.  Several months ago, I talked with a pregnant mom of a toddler.  She wondered how she would meet the needs of her son after her daughter is born.  I encouraged her that she will learn to adjust, and indeed, she is learning.

So what do I, as a homeschooling mom, recommend to other moms who juggle the schedules of their students at home?

First, I plan the day.  A weekly printed schedule in my planner includes the mandatory lessons my children must attend for their online school, our weekly lesson goals and personal commitments.  Each morning, I consult the planner and see where we’re at for that day.  

After breakfast, I give my children a verbal overview of the day’s events.  They appreciate being prepared, and I need to hear what the schedule is so I don’t forget anything (I’m a visual and auditory learner).   This time also prepares us for additional stuff we may need to do like errands or a library run.  We can take time to organize our books and activities depending on the time schedule for each day.  

I start my son with his online classwork while my daughter commandeers the laptop for spelling word practice.  After his class, he takes a break, and she goes online for class.  We take turns all day until the work is done.

I must admit, I miss the cold weather just a bit.  The sunny days we’re enjoying this week make us all antzy to get outside.  Instead of enjoying history class or storytime during lunch, we’re pickincking on the patio. 

On second thought, maybe I do like the warm weather after all.  🙂


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