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Raising Responsible Children

on March 9, 2012

Recently, I heard excellent advice from a more experienced mother.  She recommended that children be required to perform as many tasks as they can do by themselves. 

My daughter took this teaching to heart today as she prepared lunch.  She was hungry for bagels and proceeded to plug the toaster into the outlet, tear apart the bagels and place them into the toaster.  She spread cream cheese on the toasted masterpieces before serving herself and her brother.  While I was supervising the process,  I talked with them about the importance of doing activities for themselves.  Now that she has mastered the toaster, she will be in charge of toasting future meals.

I could easily have done this task by myself.  The point isn’t that I want to get out of work or am too distracted by other responsibilities to care for my children.  What good will it do them if they leave home to attend college or start families of their own and are unequipped to cook a balanced meal, clean a house or balance a checkbook? 

As parents, we have the privilege and responsibility to train our children to be productive members of society.  I willingly prepare them for their futures by starting to train my young students at home.


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