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What can you do in 5 minutes or less?

on March 6, 2012

Last year, a blogging friend suggested her readers look at everything they can accomplish in a short amount of time.  I confess, her challenge made me stop and think.  By nature, I work best when I can concentrate and focus in peace and quiet for an hour every afternoon or at night when everyone in the house is sleeping.  The idea of writing, scrapbooking, blogging or house cleaning in five minute increments makes no sense to me…until I tried it.  Amazingly, I can accomplish more with my limited time by working in five minute increments than I can accomplish in longer time frames.  And quite frankly, every mom realizes that uninterrupted time is unrealistic.  

Here’s a list of items I can cross off my to-do list by working five minutes at a time.  

outline my next article for work

read to my son

wash dishes

fold laundry

sweep the floors

lay out and crop photos on a scrapbook page (My husband blessed me with a corner of the living room where I can keep my current project on the card table for easy access anytime.)

dance, stretch or run around our house for exercise

sort the mail

trim and file my nails

sort coupons for the week

While I could go on and on, I’ll save more ideas for another post.  My five minutes for blogging is over, and I’m off to start dinner.  With my daughter’s help, we might be able to finish the prep work in five minutes and have time to cuddle before it’s time to eat.  🙂


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