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Handling Sibling Conflict

on February 25, 2012

All siblings fight from time to time.  My two children are no exception.  When they can’t seem to get along, I implement several techniques to restore peace.

Remain calm.  If my emotions escalate to the point that I add drama to the situation, then no one can be helped.  I must find inner peace before I can serve as a mediator during sibling conflicts.

Separate the siblings.  Anger can lead to physical violence.  Instead of allowing siblings to beat up on each other, provide cool down time.  Eventually, siblings can work out their differences, but be sure the anger has disippated first.  

Give them an activity.  Often, boredom leads to excessive touching, poking or verbal abuse.  Provide activities that occupy hands and minds. 

Restore the relationship by giving the siblings a chance to apologize.  Restoration of the relationship ensures that each child learns how to admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  Additionally, unresolved conflict leads to bitterness.  Especially if a child tends to hold a grudge, be sure all parties understand their part in the conflict and apologize.

Make quiet time alone a priority every day.  Like anything, too much of something leads to familiarity.  Siblings need time apart to pursue indivudual interests.  Give each child personal space to be alone.

Pay attention.  When I’m busy working, my children tend to get after each other.  Their aggravating tendencies are often a plea for my attention.  By stopping what I’m doing, I can meet their need for mommy time and alleviate conflict. 

*I also found this helpful blog post that includes additional resources.  Enjoy!*

Feel free to post your own tips for handling sibling conflict.  I look forward to reading your ideas on how to promote peace for our students at home!


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